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Best bargains: DIY personalized gift ideas for birthdays and holidays

Looking for creative, but not costly, personalized gift ideas for special people?

Why not choose a favorite poem, quotation, or Scripture verse and put it on a do-it-yourself gift?

Here are a few personalized DIY gift possibilities:

  • Bible memory cards – Print several favorite Scripture verses on heavy cardstock. Cut them into stacks, and tie them with string or ribbon.
  • Monogrammed note cards – Create personalized stationary, either folded notes or full sheets. Place the recipient’s initials or name on the papers. Or type a suitable saying. Print the papers out, and parcel them with matching envelopes.
  • Poetry magnet – Pick a poem, and print it on sturdy paper. Cut it out, and glue a magnet on the back.
  • Quotation bookmark – Select a fitting quote. Print it on pretty paper. (Or print several to a sheet, and make a whole set of bookmarks.) Punch a hole at one end, and slip a piece of yarn through it.

These do-it-yourself personalized gifts are extra special and durable, if they are laminated. As a more economical option, you might cover each one neatly (on both sides) with clear wide packing tape.

DIY personalized gift ideas for birthdays and holidays
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