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College students' first aid kit: 25 key items to include

As college and university students prepare to move into dormitories and off-campus apartments, many are making packing lists.

A first aid kit is one must-have item for any college or university student. Sure, a student can visit the campus health center or drop-in clinic, but it’s more convenient (and maybe cost-effective) to have basic first aid supplies on hand.

What are the most essential components of a well-stocked first aid kit for a young adult?

  1. Acetaminophen
  2. Adhesive bandages – in various shapes and sizes
  3. Adhesive bandaging tape
  4. Alcohol pads or wipes
  5. Allergy medicine
  6. Aloe vera gel
  7. Antacids
  8. Antibiotic cream or ointment
  9. Cotton balls and swabs
  10. Cough drops
  11. Diarrhea medication
  12. Disposable gloves
  13. Elastic bandage roll or vet wrap
  14. Eye drops
  15. Hand sanitizer
  16. Hot pack – microwaveable
  17. Hydrogen peroxide
  18. Ibuprofen
  19. Ice pack
  20. Non-stick gauze pads
  21. Rubbing alcohol
  22. Safety pins
  23. Scissors
  24. Thermometer
  25. Tweezers

Basic first aid kits may be purchased online or in stores. Many families choose to make their own, however, storing all of the components in a sealed plastic container or even a sturdy lunch box.

Certainly, any prescription medications should be included, with these drugs still stored in their original labeled pharmacy containers. Vitamins the student regularly takes may be added as well.

Adapted from image at ClipArtHeaven

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