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I fixed my dishwasher's silverware basket for pennies

Sometimes the solution to a problem is a snap. Or maybe a zip to tie things up fast.

My dishwasher’s plastic silverware basket had sprung a few leaks. Actually, the grid work on the sides and bottoms of several sections sported gaping holes, where sharp steak knives and other utensils had poked right through the plastic.

I started looking online for replacement baskets for the dishwasher. A matching basket for my particular dishwasher was going to cost about $40. Ouch!

So I did what any other improvising individual might do. I grabbed some plastic zip ties and closed up the holes. (They really are just pennies apiece.) Then I snipped off the tails. And that was that.

It’s not all that pretty, but it works fine. And who’s looking closely inside my dishwasher, anyway?

Photos by LAN for Practically at Home
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