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Simple solution: Keeping tabs on home hair coloring

Do you color your own hair? (OK, don’t answer that. No one needs to know.)

However, if you do dye your own hair, using either demi-permanent or permanent hair coloring (or even highlights or temporary hair glitter), here’s an easy way to keep track of coloring dates and the products you have used.

Simply tear the top of the hair coloring product box. Usually, the product name and color number are printed on the top. Flip the top over, and write the date on the other side. Then tuck the box top into the bathroom cupboard or drawer.

That way, you will have your personal hair coloring information handy, right at that crazy moment when you happen to look in the bathroom mirror and see those tell-tale roots beginning to show.

Within a few months, you may have a growing collection of hair coloring product box tops, so you can look back and consider which hues you liked the most and how often you needed to re-apply your dye.

It’s that simple!

Public domain photo

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