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Moral dilemma: Little Jake hit the neighbor's car. Now what?

Perhaps you can help us settle a moral dilemma. (Yes, they asked.)

Here’s the story.

Brand-new driver Jake backed his parents’ car out of their driveway – right into the back of the next-door neighbor’s car, which happened to be parked there.

This was a simple bumper-to-bumper bing. Jake jumped out of the car to inspect the damages and spotted a scratch on his own family’s vehicle. The neighbor’s car had plenty of rust on the bumper, but no visible new marks.

Jake climbed back into the car and drove off to pick up his girlfriend for a Saturday evening movie date.

Discovering the bumper scratch the next morning, Jake’s mom asked the teen what happened and learned the story. 

What should Jake’s mom do?

1. Send Jake over to apologize to the neighbor.
2. Accompany Jake to visit the neighbor and explain what happened.
3. Call on the neighbor herself to discuss the matter.
4. Leave a note in the neighbor’s mailbox, or make Jake do it.
5. Call the cops to file a police report.
6. Notify the insurance company.
7. Take secret photographs of both vehicles, just in case.
8. Ignore the situation, as no visible damage occurred to the neighbor’s car.
9. Put the house on the market, and move.
10. Other: __________________.

(Note: Jake's mom happens to be a single parent. Otherwise, additional options might be listed.)

What would you do, if this were your family’s concern?

Adapted from public domain photo

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