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Christmas party game: Answers to holiday word scramble

Did you try Practically at Home’s holiday word scramble with your family, party guests, or school class? (If you haven’t yet given this puzzle a whirl, you can find it here.)

I bet you’re looking for the answer key, right about now.

Spoiler alert! Don’t scroll down, unless you’ve already worked at unscrambling the list of 25 holiday words.

OK, are you ready?

Here are the answers:


  1. stocking
  2. bethlehem
  3. caroling
  4. wreath
  5. tinsel
  6. holly
  7. jesus
  8. tree
  9. mistletoe
  10. star
  11. nativity
  12. ornament
  13. gifts
  14. scrooge
  15. advent
  16. peppermint
  17. reindeer
  18. angels
  19. rudolph
  20. magi
  21. shepherd
  22. christmas
  23. sleigh
  24. manger
  25. snowman

How did everybody do with the holiday word scramble? And what wonderful or whimsical prizes were included? 

Adapted from public domain art.

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