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Christmas party game: Holiday word scramble

Need an icebreaker or conversation-starter for a holiday gathering or a seasonal lesson plan this year? I just puzzled my way through a Christmas word scramble from a seasonal get-together. It was a fun project, so I decided to make my own to share.

Just print out this page, and make a few copies. Then see how you and your guests (or students) do. Try it in pairs, trios, or teams – depending on the size of your group.

For added challenge, set a timer! 

Help Santa out! Can you unscramble these holiday words?

  1. tnscoikg
  2. hbhetelme
  3. arnoclig
  4. rwetah
  5. listen
  6. ylohl
  7. usjse
  8. erte
  9. itlsomete
  10. astr
  11. itanvtyi
  12. aroenmtn
  13. fgist
  14. ocsorge
  15. vdaten
  16. eprpmetnip
  17. denreier
  18. nlages
  19. ordulhp
  20. gima
  21. eshhpedr
  22. smatirchs
  23. esglhi
  24. gramen
  25. nownams

Who wins the prize for unscrambling the most holiday words correctly?

NOTE: The answers will appear in tomorrow’s post, here at Practically at Home.

Adapted from public domain art.

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