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Preschool Percussion – Making Music Can Be Fun

Preschool Percussion –
Making Music Can Be Fun

Children love making music. Step into any preschool or kindergarten classroom, and you will see kids banging and clanging. Anything that jingles can give them the tingles. Young children love bouncing and pouncing, dancing and prancing!

What could be more fun than creating your own do-it-yourself orchestra? Here are several simple entries that can be made at home or at school. Why not try it out for a youngster's birthday party or even just a rainy afternoon? Enlist kids to help with these fun musical craft ideas?

Bottle Cap Xylophone

Handy Castanets

Recycled Maracas

Super Sanders

Turn Up the Volume!

Click here for easy instructions for making and playing each of these kid-friendly percussion instruments.

Once your young musicians have chosen their instruments, you can switch on your favorite song. Try to pick lively music. Let them accompany the tunes you select! You’re making music together!

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