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Vying for Vintage: Shopping for Vintage Styles

Vying for Vintage

“The difference between style and fashion is quality.”
Georgio Armani
(1934 - )

“Fashions fade, style is eternal.”
Yves St. Laurent
(1936 -

Vintage Values

Vintage is valuable! Old is in!
Period pieces have come back again.
Treasure that bodice, and care for that frock.
Wear them, and act like you've turned back the clock.
How can antique items look good as new?
Preserve them, and they will stay stylish for you.

- Linda Ann Nickerson

Hunting for Style Treasures - Vintage, Consignment or Resale?

Vintage clothing and values have become fashionable, even among celebrities. Suddenly, everyone is flocking to resale shops to find funky outfits from bygone eras.

How are resale stores and consignment shops alike? How are they different?

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Caring for Vintage Fashion Items

Vintage styles are in-style. Movie stars, fashion mavens and many others are swarming to vintage clothing stores to snatch up antique apparel. Some may celebrate favorite eras from the past, while others may prefer certain bygone styles.

More than a few folks opt to wear vintage clothing for its sentimental value, particularly if they have inherited their antique apparel from a much-loved mother, grandparent or other special person.

For so many reasons, vintage clothing has become valuable.

How can you care for antique apparel, so that your favored fashions from the past will serve you for years to come?

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Vintage by the Bay – Shopping for Vintage Styles in San Francisco

Ah, the value of vintage vogue! Bygone fashions are back in a big way. Savvy stylists know just where to look, as they resurrect yesterday's prized items. The primo spot for antique styles is San Francisco, the vintage mecca of the U.S.

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