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Posted for: Meme Express (“sailing”)

Summer spells vacations for many. What is the ideal vacation?

For some, the best breakaway is a day at the beach. An afternoon splashing in the surf may be just the ticket. Others relish a great sail on the open seas.

Still others crave crowds. They want to be where the action is.

What's your favorite vacation? Where do you go, when you choose to get away? How do you debrief and decompress?

Try this fun quiz, and see what it says about you:

You Should Spend Your Summer in the Mountains

You're quiet, introspective, and a great thinker.

You need a summer vacation that gets you away from the crowds and the heat.

So retreat to the mountains, where you can clear your head.

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  1. Hi, just found your blog and enjoyed looking around. Very whimsical, upbeat! Myself, I like beach vacations, quiet ones, where you spend time being a regular beach bum.

  2. I like ones where someone else takes care of my kids at least for some of the day.



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