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Summer Favorites

Posted for a variety of prompts: Camera Critters (photo), Meme Express (“seasons” or “seasoning”), Photo Scavenger Hunt (view”), Saturday Special (“Summer Favorites”), Slice of Life Sunday (“writer’s choice”), Smiley Saturday (“smiling”) and Wordless Wednesday’s Saturday edition.


Summertime, and the living is easy
Fish are jumping, and the cotton is high
Your daddy's rich, and your ma is good looking
So hush little baby, don't you cry.
One of these mornings, you're gonna rise up singing
You're gonna spread your wings and take the sky
But till that morning, there is nothing can harm you
With your daddy and mommy standing by.

(from Porgy and Bess,
by George and Ira Gershwin,
with Dorothy and DuBose Heyward)

Summer is a wonderful season, as we embark outdoors to enjoy warm weather and panoramic views. Look around, and catch all those smiling faces, as folks enjoy sports and other fun in the sun.

Here are several of our summertime favorites. (Follow the links to read more. Press your CRTL key to open the links in a new window, so you can linger here at Practically at Home.)

1. Favorite Summer Activities:

Beach Volleyball

Blueberry Picking

It’s a Wild Ride – A Tribute to the Rodeo Cowboy

Low Maintenance

My Dirty Secret

The Paper Hand Fan – It’s a Breeze!”

School Supplies

2. Favorite Summer Meals:

Best Pizza Restaurants in Chicago

Chicken-Citrus Salad Delight

Funky-Chunky Fruit Salad

Perfect Potato Salad

Riviera Resort Salad

3. Favorite Thirst Quenchers:

Citrus Punch

Unleaded Party Fuel

4. Favorite Summer Weather:

Calmed by the Storm

Four-Season Acrostic – Summer

The Last Blast


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  1. Love the photo - such a serene landscape!

    You sure covered a lot of memes!

  2. Lovely photo of the horses, I'm assuming mama and her colt.

  3. wow...the view is beautiful around the horses

    Hope you can Visit me also Thanks

  4. Oh boy, that is a splendid photo... gorgeous to say the least!
    Mountain Retreat Photos

  5. What a lovely scene ... and now that song is bumping around in my head! I will be hearing it for days! lol
    Have a wonderful weekend! My Camera Critters Here and Here

  6. I LOVE the Camera-Critters photo - it's GORGEOUS!!!

  7. I hadn't seen any onies this seaon - delicious recipes I stole a

  8. Beautiful photo for all your memes..

  9. Love the horses... wonderful photo!

  10. So peaceful! What a great shot...

    Have a great day!
    Stop by Prairie Visions if you get time! :)

  11. Nice photo nothing nicer than seeing a momma and baby

  12. Reminds me of Southfork. Is JR home?

  13. What a wonderful photo. I love horses!

  14. I LOVE that song!!! I remember my year 9 music teacher teaching it to us. :) Pity it's winter over here in Australia!!! But summer will come around again.

    Thanks for joining Smiley Saturday. :)



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