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Songs That Cure

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Take Me Back Tuesday

Songs That Cure

What music can cure whatever ails you and why?

Most of the time, an upbeat praise and worship song can lift my spirits.

Scientists are beginning to agree that a person's physical and emotional health can be significantly improved by a positive attitude. Surely, this have proved true in personal experience for untold millions.

Having recently been diagnosed with a chronic medical condition, I have found firsthand the value of an enthusiastic outlook. What can raise my head more than praising the Great Physician? I know my every breath and energy for every step comes from Him. His healing is on the way, in His timing. God makes no MiStakes.

Here's one of my favorite uplifting songs:


Here's another. This song is great for moments when I may not feel so well:


Here's a third one. This sweet song brings peace and comfort, even as I seek healing from our great God.



Be blessed today.

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  1. right've made me think of On Eagles Wings...I think I need to hear that.



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