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Take 5 for Fun

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Take 5 Tuesday

Take 5 for Fun

All photos posted below c2009 by Nickers and Ink.

All rights reserved.

5 things that have interested you lately.

1) Hearing from some old friends – after many years. One dear friend just called me, out of the blue. A handful of others showed up suddenly with Facebook requests. How nice to reconnect.

2) Poetry - both reading and writing.

3) Horse training. Our young horses are growing up quickly and ready to start.

4) Blogging on the Bible at Heart of a Ready Writer. Want to join us and read through the entire Bible this year?

5) Weather reports.(Hope springs eternal.) In the American Midwest, the weather seems to change at least hourly.

5 things you’ve researched recently.

1) Notable birthdays. (CTRL-click here to read today’s edition.)

2) Olympic history.

3) Multiple sclerosis symptoms and treatment options.

4) Old Testament history.

5) Dog training.

5 things you liked about the inauguration, (if you watched it.)

1) The music. (Oh, yeah!)

2) Whether we agree with Obama’s politics or not, I was proud of our country for finally reaching a point where race would not prevent a candidate from election.

3) The pro-life advertisement aired during the proceedings. (CTRL-click here to view it.)

4) The classy and cordial farewell between the Bushes and the Obamas.

5) Did I mention the music?

5 things you’re looking forward to this year.

1) The day our problem puppy is finally housebroken.

2) Losing the last few Christmas pounds.

3) Spring!

4) Riding horses outdoors (see #3).

5) My oldest child will graduate high school.

5 things you’ve watched recently.

1) House M.D. (The doc you love to hate.)

2) The Closer (Gotta love those interrogation scenes.)

3) American Idol (It’s like a train wreck – you can’t look away.)

4) The clock, as I am usually writing and publishing on deadline.

5) My waistline.

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