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Voyage to Valentine’s Day

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Voyage to Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just over a week away. Are you ready? Why not explore these practical ideas for a heartwarming holiday on February 14th?

Chocolate: The Food of Love –
A Valentine's Day Treat for Folks of All Ages

Can Valentine's Day be complete without a chocolate treat? From kisses to long-stemmed roses, chocolate is the stuff of Valentine's Day surprises. Where did our long-standing Valentine's Day love affair with chocolate begin?

Do-It-Yourself Valentine's Day Surprises for Kids

Children adore Valentine's Day surprises. Try these do-it-yourself Valentine's Day ideas for a child you love, and watch for the delighted response. What child - of any age - doesn't want to feel special, especially on Valentine's Day?

How to Care for Your Valentine’s Day Roses

Roses are favorites, on Valentine’s Day and other occasions. Of course, pink, white, yellow or other roses customarily carry different shades of meanings. Whatever the color and message, roses are the perennial pick for Valentine's Day.

Simple Homemade Valentine's Day Cards

Valentine's Day cards are the hallmark of the heartfelt holiday on February 14th. Who doesn't love sentimental and even humorous Valentine's Day cards? Try these creative card making tips to put your own mark on your Valentine greetings this year.

Top 10 Heartless Valentine's Day Gift Blunders by Men

Dear Valentine, what will you do
To buy a gift? Go get a clue!

Valentine's Day may cause well-meaning men to stumble, as they rumble through card shops, gift stores and other outlets for the perfect Valentine's Day gift. Here's a word for the wise (or at least, for the guys): Check out these top ten heartless Valentine's Day Gift Blunders by Men before you go. Don't fall into any of these traps.

Valentine's Day: Caring for Long-Stemmed Roses

Who doesn't love a dozen long-stemmed roses for Valentine's Day? Nothing says, "I love you," like a bunch of red beauties, at least according to floral tradition. Here's how to arrange and care for your long-stemmed beauties.

Valentine’s Day Dilemmas

Valentine's Day evokes dramatic emotions in many people. We have a love-hate relationship with this holiday. Why is this so?

Valentine's Day Dorm Decor: Six Simple Solutions
Valentine's Day fun invades college and university campuses each February. How can you decorate your dorm room to make it festive and sweet for this heartfelt February 14th holiday?

Valentine's Day - How to Fake It in a Restaurant

Sometimes, you just have to fake it, especially on Valentine's Day. If you're fortunate enough to enjoy the evening out, the success of the event may hinge largely on your cordiality. Host or guest, you must try to be amiable and sociable. Here's how, even if it's awful.

Valentine's Day Values from A to Z

How can you find an economical Valentine's Day gift that will be cherished, not cheap? Here's a host of Valentine's Day gifts, all priced under $25.Surely you can find something to please your sweetheart in this list, even if you are operating on a budget. And who isn't?

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