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Who Do You Like for Super Bowl XLIII?

Who Do You Like for Super Bowl XLIII?

It's Sunday, February 1, 2009, the day of the Big Game. The NFC Champion Arizona Cardinals will face the AFC Champion Pittsburgh Steelers at Tampa Bay's Raymond James Stadium for Super Bowl XLIII.

Across the United States (and worldwide), football fans are tuning in to watch the pre-game show. Folks are setting out snacks and settling in for the long-awaited four quarters of football fun,Super Bowl XLIII.

Who's the big winner going to be, in your opinion?


Be sure to leave a comment, and let readers know why you feel the way you do.

By the way, what will you be eating during Super Bowl XLIII?

Enjoy the Super Bowl!


  1. NBC Rejects Pro-Life Ad for Super Bowl Time Slot
    NBC seems to be censoring television advertising for Super Bowl XLIII, but possibly for a surprising reason. The National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) has pulled a pro-life advertising spot from the Super Bowl XLIII television presentation lineup.

  2. Simple Super Bowl Supper
    Here's a quarter-by-quarter guide to catering the big game with no red flags. You pick the plays! After all, if you host the party, then you have the home field advantage!

  3. Super Bowl Sideline Cider
    Serve your sports fans this delicious hot treat during the final quarter of the game, to warm their tummies for the final end-run, as they head home! This hot spiced cider is ideal for sports parties, tailgating events, cold-weather picnics and even holiday gatherings.

  4. Super Bowl Spinach-and-Strawberry Spiral and Spin Salad
    This festive and colorful salad is ideal for a football party, tailgating event, picnic or any occasion. Simple to make, it looks elaborate and special.

  5. Super Bowl Scrimmage Salsa
    This Super Bowl Scrimmage Salsa will drive your football party in the right direction! Make it mild for armchair quarterbacks, or spice it up to get them running!

  6. Place-Kickers Potato Chowder
    Football fans will love this delicious vegetarian soup. Great for company or for a tailgate party, it's also perfect for free-agent fare as a simple supper on a chilly night.


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