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Feminine High-Jinks from Kotex

Feminine High-Jinks from Kotex

(Mature content warning - perhaps. Then again, maybe not!)

Have you seen the new ads from Kotex? How many women cannot relate to the sarcasm here?

What's with all the white lycra in feminine hygiene product ads?

For how many decades have personal products marketers tried to put a pleasant spin on old Aunt Flo, a woman's monthly visitor? (Just take a look at these old print advertisements for feminine hygiene products from the past.)

Personally, as a marketing and promotional professional, I have to salute the folks at Kotex for sending up themselves and their own history of euphemistic advertising and flowery spin doctoring of Mother Nature's proverbial monthly curse.

Simply hilarious. In fact, the first time I saw the new Kotex ads on TV, I laughed so hard I had cramps.



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