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Talking 'Bout Trash

Talking 'Bout Trash.

We've done some juggling this week, as we had a small home repair project underway. Of course, this event precipitated some early spring cleaning. There's just something about moving furniture (particularly file cabinets) that seems to light a fire under me to do some sorting.

And sorting usually  leads to discarding (and plenty of dusting).

And discarding leads to multiple bins: file, donate and trash.

Why does a simple chore, such as taking out the trash, elicit so many groans? Sometimes, it just seems easier to perform these tasks myself. (At least, I don't have to pull it to the curb on a bike, like the photographed fellow on a street in China.)

Remember the story of The Little Red Hen? (CTRL-click the link to read a cute rebus of this popular children's story at Enchanted Learning, if you need a refresher.)

Anyway, I tackled larger-than-life dust bunnies with a vengeance. I cleaned out the cupboards better than Old Mother Hubbard. I arranged attire by color and style. I shredded old financial papers like an Oval Office insider. And I sorted those files like nobody's business.

Now, like the hen enjoying her proverbial fresh-baked bread, I am living it up with a clutter-free home and office ... at least for a day or two.

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