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Photo Fun - Is It American Idol ... or Alaska?

Photo Fun - Is It American Idol ... or Alaska?

One of these young ladies is Alaska Governor (and 2008 U.S. Vice Presidential candidate) Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol.

The other one is American Idol Season 9 finalist Katie Stevens, from Middlebury, Connecticut.

Check out the hairstyles, the make-up, the gleaming white smiles. Which is the budding actress, and which is the singer? Which is the young mother, and which is the brand-new licensed driver?

Leave a comment, if you can guess!

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Katie Stevens was named a Top 12 finalist for Season 9 of American Idol. Katie Stevens entered American Idol, hoping to start a singing career and please her grandmother, has Alzheimer's Disease. Who is American Idol Season 9 finalist Katie Stevens?
Hiatus Sought from Pious Thought - As the public feeding frenzy focuses on a certain unwed teen mother-to-be, one can only wonder: Perhaps we ought not judge, unless we have walked in another's shoes.

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