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Etiquette or Regret-ticate

Etiquette or Regret-ticate

Did you know … it’s Etiquette Week?

The second week of May is politely tagged as Etiquette Week, a full calendar week devoted to social correctness and courtesy.

How do you feel about etiquette? Does forget-ticate lead to regret-ticate? Have we left ourselves with No Trace of Grace?

Without claiming to be a manners maven, I have published several pieces on politeness. (CTRL-click on each title to open that free online article in a new internet window.)

Business Etiquette:
Equestrian Etiquette:
Funeral Etiquette:
Pet Etiquette:
Shopping Etiquette:
Social Etiquette:
Sports Etiquette:
Wedding Etiquette:
Etiquette at the Ball
19th Century
Artist unknown

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