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Graduation Gifts and Goodies

Graduation Gifts and Goodies

Commencement season is here. Raise a cheer, and toss those mortarboard caps high in the air!

Do you have a graduate in the home? How many graduation parties will you attend this month? Or will you simply send a card or gift?

Here are several helpful hints on graduation gifts and commencement celebrations.

Happy graduation! Let’s celebrate!


  1. For my high school graduate I went to and found some great things for her dorm room. I was amazed at the quality and the fact that I bought a fridge/freezer and it shipped for $2.95! A definite must look at site for all friends, family and loved ones of someone graduating.

  2. These are cool gifts! I better save up for them this Christmas! Hmm... a license exam would be a momentous gift for a college graduate. That would help them get through in life in the future.



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