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Photo Fun: Is it Paris or Pickler?

Photo Fun: Is it Paris or Pickler?

Just for fun, take a look at these two blushing blondes. OK, maybe they’re not blushing. Can you tell which is singer Kellie Pickler and which is socialite Paris Hilton?

One is a sweet starlet, and the other looks like her errant twin. (See if you can spot it.) One sings like a bird, and the other parties like a rock star. If you can discern the difference, then you have HAWT celebrity sighting skills.

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  1. The one in the yellow is definitely Paris Hilton. You can tell by her nose, and the expression that she's irritated with something. I don't think I've ever seen the same on Kellie. Though, I feel bad that she has to be compared to Paris in the first place; I'm sure that dampens her day.

  2. The one on the left is Paris, I've heard of Kellie Pickler, not sure why or who she even is though...don't really care! Lol.



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