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Happy Father's Day to All Those Dandy Dads

Happy Father's Day to All Those Dandy Dads

Sunday is Father’s Day. How will you celebrate?

What a wonderful time to remember fabulous and faithful fathers.

Personally, I thank God for my dad every day. Now in his mid-80s, he is still healthy and strong and keeping a daily schedule that daunts me. I wish he lived closer, but I am grateful that he still possesses a youthful spirit and a determination that doubles that of most folks I know.

My dad is smart, strong, studious, steadfast and much more. Here’s my favorite description of my father:

 Leading Without Pleading - Poem on legacy - Verses to Trace One Who Set the Pace

What’s your dad like? What do you appreciate most about him?

If your father has passed, what are your best memories of special times you shared?

Happy Father’s Day!

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