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June 1st is National Running Day

June 1st is National Running Day

Today is National Running Day in the United States. What a superb opportunity to lace up those sneakers and hit the pavement.

The National Running Day organization offers “10 Ways to Celebrate National Running Day.”

Here are a few of our own ways to jump up and jog today.

Even if you’re not an avid runner, you can still participate in National Running Day at your own speed.

1. Take a jaunt around the block before breakfast, lunch or dinner on June 1st.
2. Choose the stairs, rather than the elevator or escalator. Run a flight of stairs, if you can.
4. Grab a shopping cart, and walk extra briskly up and down the aisles of the supermarket.
5. Jog to the mailbox and back.
6. Take your dog to a park or preserve for a short run. Borrow a friend’s dog (or bring the friend too), if you don’t have your own.
7. Get up and run in place during commercial breaks, while you watch your favorite television show tonight.

How will you celebrate National Running Day?

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It’s National Running Day. Have fun!

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1 comment:

  1. Really? No wonder why I noticed more people on the streets during my morning drive. Time to go for a jog with the dog after work!



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