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Tip Your Hat to Tooth Fairy Day

February 28th is Tooth Fairy Day, a great day to grin and bear it. Gap-toothed smiles are in style today.

Here are some helpful article links, just to give you something to chew on.

What happens if a tooth is lost? Will the tooth fairy leave a reward, if a tooth slips behind the bed, under the mattress or onto the floor? A child can never be too careful! Here’s how to make a special tooth fairy pillow, which may be tailored for boys or girls.

Act fast, if a tooth is knocked out somehow. Consider this an emergency; every moment counts. If medical intervention begins immediately, the tooth may be replanted successfully. A tooth may often be saved, if it is reinserted within an hour or two. Want to know how?

What does "long in the tooth" really portray? Obviously, this figure of speech is one way to chew someone out, at least indirectly, but what is the actual definition of this biting criticism?

A South Carolina jury recently returned a verdict awarding $2 million to a 28-year-old woman, who brought a lawsuit against a dental clinic for pulling far too many of her teeth. Clinic staffers' jaws dropped, as the jury's decision offered the plaintiff more than $150,000 for each wrongfully extracted tooth. Bet you want to sink your teeth into the rest of this story!

Happy Tooth Fairy Day!

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