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Macaroon Day and Mighty Morsels

Mmm! Macaroons! Do you love ‘em?

Crunchy or chewy, macaroon cookies are a tasty treat, particularly today. It’s National Macaroon Day in the United States.

Macaroons are for sharing!

Did you hear the age-old story about the two elderly twin sisters, Grace and Gloria, who shared a single set of dentures?
One day, the two ladies were invited to a grand gala at the local country club. They decided to take turns with their teeth. Grace dolled herself up first, popped in the choppers, and headed for the festive gathering.

After an hour or so, Grace returned home to give her sister a chance at the prestigious party.

“How was it?” Gloria asked.

Grace handed the dental set to her sister, who promptly inserted them into her own mouth and chomped the plates into place.

“Umm, macaroons!” Gloria exclaimed, as she bit down on the still-warm dentures.

Who’s craving macaroons now?

Check out these yummy macaroon recipes from several online writers.

Ever since Boule on La Cienega closed, you have to think a little harder about where to find good French macaroons in Hollywood. One way is to make your own macaroons.

Make macaroons with many variations, such as chocolate, cocoa, espresso, and more.

Oatmeal Macaroon Cookies – Margie Lynn
Oatmeal Macaroon Cookies are a favorite of in many families. These homemade cookies are moist and delicious. Macaroons make great gifts for holidays as well.

Coconut macaroon pie – Caroline Summer
Coconut macaroons are one of the most delicious desserts out there - but sadly, they tend to be a bit minuscule, and if you have a large group to serve, making them can be a little too tedious. Perhaps you would prefer a simple, delicious macaroon pie!

From Manhattan to Montana, and from Maine to Mississippi, mighty macaroons have even been credited with curing such ailments as diarrhea, nausea and morning sickness. Why not whip up a batch of macaroon cookies today?

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Macaroons by Jill M
Macaroons on a Plate by Apuch
Creative Commons Licensing/Wikipedia Commons Photos 
Grannies by Immaniel Giel
Public Domain/Wikipedia Commons Photos

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