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Recapping A to Z Blog Challenge Posts from April Fool’s to Zinnias

At last! Mayday is upon us. Spring has fully sprung, and the April A to Z Blogging Challenge is complete.

Did any Practically at Home posts escape you during the A to Z Blogging Challenge? Here’s the complete listing, from A to Z.

A to Z Blogging Challenge finishers: 
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These alphabetical blog posts include crafts, garden tips, healthy humor, recipes and much more! Look closely for links to helpful online articles from dozens of skilled web writers on several subjects.

Daily posts may not persist at Practically at Home, but frequent entries are likely. Be sure to stop back often, so you don’t miss a single one. You never know what practical topics may appear … or who may be highlighted here. Why not “follow” or “subscribe”?

For the last time in 2012: Practically at Home wishes you a Happy A to Z!
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