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Dive in: Summer jobs offer real-life work experience for teens

Teens are pounding the pavement, so to speak, seeking summer jobs. High school final exams are wrapping up, so young adults are looking for gainful employment.

My own teen is filling out job applications in a frenzy, hoping to score a slot with a local employer soon. She’s a great kid and a hard worker, but it’s still a challenge this year.

Seasonal work brings pocket change, gas money, college savings, and funds for many other needs. From lifeguards to lawnmowers, from cashiers to camp counselors, and from busboys to babysitters, working teens can rack up real earnings in the summer months.

But who’s hiring?

Do you need help in finding a summer job?

Check out these helpful online articles by several successful writers.

Teens: Finding Good Jobs – Todd Pheifer
Teenage employment is a desirable state for some people, particularly for those who want to make a little money, gain some experience, or explore particular vocational fields. Here are a few thoughts on finding good jobs for teens.     

Best Summer Jobs for Teens – Dawn Hawkins
Even if you won't allow you teen to work during the school year, there is a lot to be said for him/her working in the summer time. Here are the best summer jobs for teens.

If your teenager wants to work this summer, consider yourself lucky. Now consider some ways in which you can help your teenager land this summer job.

Summer Jobs and Career Choices – Linda Ann Nickerson
Full-time or part-time, summer jobs offer young adults the opportunity to dabble in various careers. Because summer break begins and ends with clearly defined dates, this time period is ideal for experimenting with different job opportunities.

Even if you're out of a job, it doesn't mean you're out of work. Here are 5 great ideas to help kick start a summer of bringing in some much needed cash as long as you're not afraid of hard work.

How I Earned Money Without a Summer Job – R. Elizabeth Kitchen
When I was younger and wanted to earn money during the summer without a traditional job, I discovered a variety of ways to do it. Read on to learn how I earned money without a summer job.

Teens can shine and beat the competition for finding a summer job by doing these 5 things in the job interview.

During the last part of my junior high school years, I started mowing lawns with my older brother who had already started this business a couple of years earlier. I continued to mow the lawns the two of us had picked up in the last two years he was going to school.

Before my 16-year-old twins selected summer jobs, they had to come up with a summer budget.
As parents, it's our responsibility to instruct our kids about money and how to manage it. This summer brought an entirely new set of budgeting rules and regulations for financial management as my kids opted to take on summer jobs.

Now … who wants to hire my teen for the summer?

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