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Migraine madness amid the joys of June

June brings the Summer Solstice. Mild, pleasant temperatures and the longest day of the year arrive in the Northern Hemisphere during this lovely month. Brides are wed, and dads and grads are honored.

Why would anyone have a headache in June?

“What is so rare as a day in June?” asked American poet James Russell Lowell (1819-1891). “Then, if ever, come perfect days.”

Perhaps Lowell was right. June is marked by bright, sunny days. School ends, and folks of every age skip outdoors to enjoy summer fun in June. We plan picnics and pick teams for softball and Frisbee tournaments.

But June has a darker side.
As the pollen flies, the mercury climbs, and the sun’s rays seem to grow ever brighter this month. Thus,   headache sufferers may groan in June.

This month, creeping up on the year’s halfway point, is Migraine Awareness Month. The National Headache Foundation presents educational events and programs. Locally, hospitals and health-related organizations offer seminars and workshops on migraine prevention and treatment.

Migraines make any month miserable.

Trust me. I’ve had migraines for decades. OK, individual headaches haven’t lasted that long, but their looming possibilities and frequent offsets might as well have.

Do you have migraine headaches, or do you know someone who does?

Check out these helpful articles on migraines, penned by a host of headache-savvy writers.

Since the onset of several autoimmune illnesses, I've noticed recurring, sudden headaches. The headaches have occurred for months, and I've figured out my top three triggers--and how to avoid them.

Many people do not realize the effects that salt has on their bodies. After I had my heart attacks in October of 2009, I had to go on a low salt diet. Within months, I realized that the migraines that plagued me since I was five were gone.

8 Traits of Life with Migraines. Migraines are a pain in the neck, a pain in the brain and often a pain from head to toe. Ask any survivor of migraines, the dreaded chronic vascular headaches. What is it like to live with migraine headaches?

It's a chronic type of headache shrouded in mystery. New daily persistent deadache is one of the rarest forms of headaches and is often misdiagnosed.

We have all had a headache at some point. Some of us get them often and would just rather treat them naturally. Here is a detailed list of foods that are purported to be effective for headaches.

Headache Helpers – Linda Ann Nickerson
Anyone who's had a migraine headache knows exactly what no one else can ever understand. Your head throbs. Your neck and back ache. Your stomach is queasy, and your body thermostat has gone haywire. What can you do?

Migraines are no laughing matter. They can destroy a person's life if left untreated.

Is it possible that exercise can work better at relieving the pain of a migraine headache, than a prescription drug?
10 Natural Migraine Cures – Jennifer Twardowski
Find yourself subject to an agonzing migraine? Look no further! We have 10 natural ways to prevent and cure a migraine.

Are you looking for a natural way to relieve the pain of headaches and migraines? Continue reading for information on how acupuncture may deliver the feeling of well-being and quell the pain.

Migraine headaches are misery, during June’s Migraine Awareness Month or anytime. Don’t you wish we could simply wipe migraines off the map?

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Headache by Shanghai Killer Whale
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