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Fun Foodie Holidays: January 8 is English Toffee Day.

Crunch! Crunch! It’s English Toffee Day on January 8th.

Who’s craving a delicious toffee treat on this fine foodie holiday?

Here are a few yummy toffee recipes to try.

  • Totally Simple Toffee Treats – by Linda Ann Nickerson. Candy-making is a time-honored holiday tradition. These delicious toffees are easy to make. What a wonderful and festive gift for family members, friends, teachers and other special people!
  • Easiest Ever English Toffee Pieces – by Tricia Goss. Crisp, buttery toffee topped with creamy chocolate and crunchy nuts is a decadent treat. Did you know that you could whip some up in mere minutes? Find out the secret ingredient that makes it possible.
  • Toffee Bars – by Mary Wensing Dvorachek. This  family-favorite recipe came from a friend. Great for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or other holidays, these toffee bars will disappear before your eyes.

What’s your favorite toffee recipe? Share it in the comments, if you wish.

Or, if you prefer, you could simply pick out your favorite toffees.

Here is a selection of toffees we love. If you are a toffee fan, you may wish to try:

Candy bar fans might just pick up a bag of Heath Miniature Candy Bars.

Here’s to English Toffee Day on January 8th!

Disclaimer: I am neither employed nor affiliated in any way with the product/s mentioned herein or anyone associated with it. I received no remuneration or compensation from the manufacturer/s for this post.

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