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Product Review: Lands’ End Long-Sleeve Pattern Flannel Shirt

Did Lands’ End miss the boat this time?

Lands’ End has long been a quality purveyor of durable and utilitarian apparel for men, women, and kids. As outdoorsy folks, we have ordered countless items from this company for decades – from fleeces to flannels and from coats to clogs.

Their plaid flannels are family favorites, particularly in button-down shirts and pajamas.

So, for Christmas, I selected several Lands’ End Long-Sleeve Pattern Flannel Shirts for various family members.

Here’s what happened.

I picked the sizes and patterns to fit each recipient. Check.

I placed the order. Check.

The shipment arrived promptly, with everything I ordered included. Check.

The long-sleeve plaid flannel shirts measured up to the standards I expected from Lands’ End. Check.

But each shirt was rolled up in a tightly knotted bundle, sealed in plastic. Un-check.

That meant – just a few days before Christmas – I found myself unsealing, unrolling, untangling, and steam-ironing a pile of brand-new shirts before wrapping them for gift-giving.


Let me just say: Mrs. Santa was not amused.

I don't mind a little ironing, especially when I'm laundering stuff we have worn. But this was ridiculous.

Would Carhartt, Columbia, Dickies, Eddie Bauer, Lucky Brand, Pendleton, Royal Robbins, Woolrich, or other comparable long-sleeve pattern shirts arrive in such condition? I have to wonder.

After lots of ironing, the Lands’ End long-sleeve plaid flannel shirts were a hit, though.

Sure, everyone in the family loved their cozy new Lands’ End long-sleeve flannel plaid shirts. The garments fit nicely. They are well-tailored in quality all-cotton flannel fabric with solid, reinforced seams.

But the shirts were anything but presentable when first unpacked.

Who needs such a time-consuming chore, right before Christmas? Isn’t the whole idea of online shopping to save lots of time?

C’mon, Lands’ End. How about flat-folding your long-sleeve plaid flannel shirts for shipping?

Disclaimer: I am neither employed nor affiliated in any way with the product/s mentioned herein or anyone associated with it. I received no remuneration or compensation from the manufacturer/s for this post.

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