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Product Review: Easy Release Cake Pan

I’ve been hunting high and low for this cake pan, with its handy cutter bar, and I’ve finally found it.

This baking pan, suitable for multi-layer round cakes, brings back warm childhood memories. But it also works.

It’s sold in pairs on Amazon as the Easy Release Cake Pan - Set of 2. There’s also a 9" QUICK RELEASE CAKE/PIE PAN - SET OF 2. The prices of the two options practically match. Right now, both Amazon listings are indicating the products are shipping for free.

Take a look.

After a baked cake comes out of the oven and cools, you simply slide the little bar all the way around to loosen the cake from the pan.

Yes, the pan still must be greased (and perhaps also floured, depending on the recipe). But the cake comes out so easily.

Disclaimer: I am neither employed nor affiliated in any way with the product/s mentioned herein or anyone associated with it. I received no remuneration or compensation from the manufacturer/s for this post.

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Easy Release Cake Pan - promo photo - fair use

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