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King's Hawaiian Sliced Bread is worth a toast or two.

I think I have a new breakfast favorite in King’s Hawaiian Sliced Bread. Nope, I didn’t receive a free sample or coupon or anything. I just stumbled on the stuff at the store.

Aloha, morning toast.

For as long as I can remember, we’ve enjoyed the King's Original Hawaiian Sweet Rolls and the King's Hawaiian Bread Hamburger Buns

And I cannot count the times we’ve plucked off pieces of King's Original Hawaiian Round Loaf Sweet Bread to sop up spinach dip. 

But we’d never tried the sliced loaf version of the sweet Hawaiian bread.

Sure, King's Original Hawaiian Sweet Sliced Bread is white bread. But it is pretty tasty, right out of the toaster. It’s soft and fluffy and warms right up like old-fashioned Texas Toast. It also makes pretty wonderful French toast.

The only trick is this: King's Hawaiian Sweet Sliced Bread doesn't last too many days before it dries out and becomes less appealing. It's gotta be used promptly, while it is still fluffy.

Maybe I’ll load up on whole grains in a day or two. But for this morning, a couple of slices of cushy comfort food is just the ticket.

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  1. Oh my! I had no idea this stuff existed! Probably a good thing, since everyone in my family would go nuts over it! Stopped over from the A-Z Challenge and got distracted! I do like your gardening theme - I hope you have more posts about roses!
    Lisa ...Slow & Steady Tales from the Love Shaque



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