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10 favorite Easter basket candy picks

Hey, Easter Bunny! What’s in your basket? Easter eggs may be a perennial favorite, but Easter candy can really light up the eyes of any Easter basket recipient.

What are your best Easter basket candy treats each year? Here are our top 10 favorite candies for Easter baskets (listed alphabetically).

The Cadbury Crème Egg is an annual Easter basket essential candy treat. Created to look like a real egg, the foil-wrapped Cadbury crème egg has a milk chocolate shell. Inside is a gooey white and yellow sweet cream filling.

Besides, who doesn’t love those Cadbury egg commercials on television each year, with the clucking bunny and the eggs?

‘Nuff said.

But wait. Let’s be serious. The cheap hollow chocolate rabbits are nothing to write home about. Better to spring for the quality solid chocolate ones, Easter Bunny.

No holiday is complete without the appropriately colored M and M’s candies. In the spring, M and M’s come in pretty pastel colors for Easter. Candy-coated chocolate treats (in plain, peanut or other styles), Easter M and M’s come in big bags, as well as colorful plastic Easter eggs.

Why not buy both? The plastic Easter eggs, filled with M and M’s, are great for children’s Easter baskets, while the big bag of M and M’s may be just right for the Easter Bunny himself (or herself).

Hey, the Easter Bunny has a sweet tooth too.

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Ask any kid. PEZ candies are sweet little hard bricks that come in several colors and flavors. But that’s not why children like them. PEZ candies come with plastic mechanical dispensers that are fun to use. Kids pull back the themed heads (cartoon characters, holiday icons or even superheroes) to pop out the PEZ candies.

Easter PEZ dispensers usually sport cute bunnies, chicks, Easter eggs, or lambs.  Some Easter PEZ dispensers and candies even come enclosed in plastic Easter eggs, ready for tucking into an Easter basket.

Marshmallow Peeps were once reserved only for Easter. Now the sugar-covered sweet candy treats are available for just about any holiday. But Easter is the top traditional Marshmallow Peep day of all.

Should Marshmallow Peeps be eaten soft and fresh (right out of the package), or are the chewy bunnies, chicks, ducks and other colorful candies better a little older and crunchier? And what is the proper way to eat a peep? (Ask the Easter Bunny.)

What more needs to be said about a big cellophane cone, filled with orange Reese’s pieces?

7. Smucker’s Jelly Beans

All kinds of candy companies make jelly beans, and nearly everyone has a favorite. Some like ‘em tart or tangy, while others prefer the gritty sweet ones. Classic Brach’s, Jelly Belly, Jolly Rancher, Starburst, and other kinds of jelly beans are fine. But nothing beats the fruity jam-like flavoring of the Smucker’s Jelly Beans, if you can find them.

Only at Easter can one find Snickers formed into egg shapes and wrapped in foil. Butterfinger Eggs, Nestle Crunch Eggs, Twix Eggs, and other chocolate candy bar favorite Easter eggs are also available. Stick ‘em in the freezer! For a cool Easter treat.

Colorful speckled candy robin eggs are another Easter basket favorite. A crunchy malted milk center, coated with milk chocolate and covered with a hard candy shell make speckled robin eggs a super Easter basket candy surprise.

Brach’s, Hershey, Whopper, and other varieties of speckled robin egg Easter candies are available. Take your pick for Easter baskets.

These mouth-puckering sour treats may not be a grownup’s top taste pick, but they sure look colorful and sweet in an Easter basket. And kids can’t seem to get enough of them.

Perhaps every family has its own favorite Easter basket candy contents. What’s nestled in the shredded Easter grass in your Easter basket?

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10 favorite Easter basket candy picks

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  1. Love Easter for many reasons, one of them being chocolate candy!

  2. I came to look at your A-Z posts but got caught up here instead. Easter candy #ftw! Especially the ones you picked! Yum! :)



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