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White sink wiping without sinking to griping

Sometimes a solution is far simpler than it has to be. My sparkling white kitchen sink proves that point – sort of.

Someone in my house has a definite thing – a real penchant – for leaving little sticky notes around, especially to declare discontent or to instruct other family members to do certain tasks or projects. (Team Motivation 101, right?)

Here’s a recent example, although I cleaned it up slightly.


Color me tea drinker. I might be the only tea drinker in the house. Of course, the sticky note writer drinks coffee (LOTS of coffee), and we have to wonder where the coffee grounds are going.

But I digress.

The sink stain cleanup is simple.

It doesn’t have to be the expensive stuff, like Rembrandt Deeply White Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste.

That’s the secret weapon. In fact, I keep a couple of nearly-empty toothpaste tubes (You know, the ones that have become a little crusty around the cap area, so no one wants to use them anymore.) under the kitchen sink for just this purpose.

Whenever the pristine white sink doesn’t not so pristine (which is nearly daily in a home where at least one person somehow manages often to drip ketchup or pizza sauce into the sink and where another leaves empty soda cans inverted there to drain before recycling), I grab the stashed toothpaste and an old toothbrush and perform my little sink magic in seconds.

Poof! No more sink stain. Plus, my sink smells minty fresh. (OK, that may have taken it a little far.)

Toothpaste seems like a better solution for cleaning most sorts of sinks, as it’s not nearly as abrasive as a scouring cleansing powder. Plus, I wouldn’t dream of using steel wool or a scrubbing pad on my smooth-surfaced sink.

Hey, if professional dentists claim whitening toothpaste is safe for our teeth, wouldn’t it be safe for my sink too? (Don’t answer that.)

Now our resident note-writer has to find another topic. Sink cleaning has become a non-issue.

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