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Ask Bill About Credit

Ask Bill About Credit

Here are a few rhetorical questions about credit. (You don’t have to answer these out loud.)

How’s your personal credit? Do you know?

Do you know the difference between charge credit, installment credit and revolving credit?

What is amortization, anyway? And how might the Equal Credit Opportunity Act affect you personally?

Have you ever been turned down for credit? What can you do about it?

Do you know how to establish personal credit? How about improving your current credit standing? And how can you even find out where you currently stand?

Where can you find answers to these sticky credit-related questions? Just ask Bill.

Founded by a group of Stanford Business School graduates, is an online resource site offering information and how-tos on bill consolidation, credit, debts, insurance, loans and mortgages.

Perhaps the most helpful section pertains to credit counseling. Here, consumers can find informative descriptions and details on credit cards, credit monitoring, credit rate comparisons, credit reports and more.

For personalized credit counseling and financial advice, users can “Ask Bill” and receive a specific response via email.

In today’s challenging economy, as financial institutions seem to offer increasingly complex lending programs, while tax codes grow ever more undecipherable, this online help may prove extremely helpful to consumers.

This simple-to-navigate site, with helpful tabs and links, can help individuals and families to navigate the modern-day credit marketplace more effectively.

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