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Back-to-School Labeling

Back-to-School Labeling

As yellow school buses roll through neighborhoods again, families melt their plastic credit cards to purchase school supplies for their elementary, middle school and high school students.

How can students keep track of their spirals, scissors and school supply boxes? How can pupils prevent loss of their pens, pencils, papers and protractors? And how can learners look after their lunchboxes in lockers and lunchrooms?

Smart students and their families label their file folders to organize at-home and school studies.

Here’s the DYMO tip I found most helpful:

Does your child have allergies to peanuts, latex, bee stings or anything else? Why not label your child’s lunch bag, daily planning notebook, or even your child’s own clothing accordingly? You can even print allergy alerts on colorful tapes to notify teachers and school staff easily to prevent an allergy episode.(Why not include your emergency phone number, just in case?)

DYMO label makers make label making a breeze. Marking backpacks, gym uniforms, binders, sports gear and even toys is simple. Embossers and basic labelers range from about $8 to nearly $25. Electronic labelers start at $30. Label refills are available from the secured DYMO website.

What could be simpler?

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