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Dream On - with Friday Fun

Dream On – with Friday Fun

Today I discovered an adorable blog, so I decided to participate in another meme.

Friday Fun’s questions are in bold, and my responses are in italics. Doesn’t this sound like fun? Why not post and answer the same questions on your blog? (Be sure to include the link to Friday Fun, so others can read your responses.)

C’mon back, and tell me how you responded to the prompts too.

1. You are in an adventurous mood. Do you go deep sea diving or sky diving? (Thanks to Donovan for this one!) Any idea where you would like to do it?

I think I would opt for deep-sea diving, as I’m not a big fan of heights. Hey, I’m not very tall myself, and if the Lord wanted me to enjoy heights, then perhaps He would have granted me a bit more stature. As it is, I dislike ladders, scaffolding, catwalks, roofs and other lofty spots.

Besides, who knows what I might find at the bottom of the ocean?

2. You just won an all expenses paid trip to anywhere in the world. Do you go to Japan or to France? Why? (Locations courtesy once again from my helpful son!)

Bien sur! I would go to France. Although, I would love to see Japan someday, I adore Paris and the French countryside. As a teenager, I had a wonderful time in France, and I would really like to return someday. Still, there was that scary night, when those creepy guys followed us down the Champs-Elysees.

What was my favorite spot in France? Lake Annecy, of course, “The Cleanest Lake in Europe.” (It’s near Geneva, another wonderful European city.)

If I could go ANYWHERE, though, I would surely go to Israel. I have always wanted to walk in such a wonderful historic place with spiritual and biblical significance.

On the way home, could we take the long way around and stop off in Australia and Hawaii? They’re on my list too.

3. You meet a stingy genie that will only grant one wish. Do you wish for more money or a better body? Why?

Better body – hands down. Better yet – hands off! After all, “The Mirror Lied.”

4. You have $50 burning a hole in your pocket. Do you head to the book store or to a spa? What would you get?

Look out, bookstore! Here I come. I am bibliophile. Hear me roar!

Read “The Library Life – Rhyming in Style with a Bibliophile” to see what I mean.

5. It is time for a caffeine jolt. Do you go for the coffee pot or for the soda? Any favorites?

Actually, I’d prefer iced tea with lemon. A frosty Snapple offers as much of a caffeine boost at a cup of java or a cola anyway.

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  1. Very nice Answers! Seems like everyone is Picking France and not Japan... hummm
    I picked Japan though!!

  2. I enjoyed reading this.. I'd love to go to France too.. although Japan would be interesting.. ohh why can't we just go to both hehehe



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