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J is for . . . Junk Food

Posted for ABC Wednesday (“J is for . . . “)

“J” is for . . . . Junk Food

What is your favorite junk food?

Do you go for the sticky-sweets, or the salty-crunchy snacks?

Just for fun, I tried a blog quiz on this subject, and here’s what I found. Why not try it yourself? Be sure to double back and let us know what you discovered about your own snacking personality.


You Are a Salty Person

When it comes to snacks, you're more likely to grab a bag of chips over a bag of cookies.

There's a good chance you're male (men prefer salty snacks)...

Or at least, you feel very comfortable in male dominated environments.

Your taste tends to be complex, sophisticated, and adult.

You tend to crave your favorite restaurant meal... or mom's cooking.


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  1. My favourite is salty crunchy. If crunchy alone did it, I could go for celery, but no - that doesn't do it for me. You picture makes me want to run out to the 7-11 right now. I invite you to come see my post about the Canadian Snowbirds Team jets. - Margy

  2. I took the quiz and it said I am a salty person.

    Cute idea for ABC Wednesday letter J.

    Bear((( )))

  3. suddenly, i find myself craving junk food. :O oh no!

  4. I'm salty, too! I like junk food but it doesn't like me.

    I loved your snap this week--very vibrant.



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