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A-Z Garden Tips: Aphids Away?

Do aphids annihilate your prize garden roses annually?

Here’s something I heard recently, and I am gonna try it. Apparently, if you hang a hummingbird feeder over your roses, the pretty little birds will come and linger and eat all the aphids.


Anyone tried this? How well did it work? Did the aphids disappear?

Maybe it will work. At least we will enjoy the hummingbird show.

A seasoned gardener also told me you can hang banana peels on your rosebushes to keep aphids away. But I think hummingbirds are a whole lot prettier (or maybe apPEALing) than banana peels.

 Hummingbird on Feeder by ScottK

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  1. I've had success by spraying Cloud Cover on my roses before they bud. Somehow that keeps those pests away, and CC is reported very Green.

  2. No aphids in my yard, but I don't have much luck with plants either. I kill flowers before aphids ever get the chance. I do see hummingbirds in my yard sometimes though. They never stay long since there is nothing there for them.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
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