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April Challenge reveal - Fearsome Phobias from A to Z

Never fear. Practically at Home is on-board for the April A to Z Blogging Challenge again this year. Duck! Here comes a 26-post alphabetic series, running throughout the year’s fourth month.

It’s time to reveal my theme for the A to Z Challenge:  Fearsome Phobias from A to Z.

I know it’s not October. Halloween is not coming early this year. It just seems like a fascinating topic for a month of blogging. And I am betting that some of the phobias that show up in upcoming posts will be familiar, while others may seem strange and surprising.

So please double back and see if you recognize any of the big, hairy, scary subjects that may appear here.

A to Z Blogging Challenge promo logo – fair use
Graphic adapted from public domain image

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  1. It sounds like you will have a fun approach to some scary stuff. I look forward to reading, best of luck with the challenge.
    @ScarlettBraden from
    Chica In Cuenca



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