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Can you remember the first car you ever drove?

Think back. Can you recall the first car you ever drove? Are you able to remember how it felt to turn that ignition key and grip that steering wheel?

I surely can.

My family had a 1970s-era Ford Country Squire station wagon, all decked out with the wood panels. That was pretty popular back then. Ours was navy blue, but it looked a lot like the green one in the photo here. That’s the closest picture I could find to the old dog (I mean car).

(I know. It looks like something out of a John Hughes movie.)
I remember my first test ride. My mom took me to a giant parking lot for my first try. Before long, we were tooling through neighborhoods and our own downtown.

At first, I felt pretty spiffy, just because I was driving. It was cool to walk around jingling a set of car keys. It was an adventure to climb behind the wheel and roll around town without adult supervision.

Soon, however, I grew somewhat embarrassed to pilot such a dowdy-looking set of wheels. It was sort of the same feeling a teen or young adult might have these days, if she were caught wearing a pair of high-waisted, baggy-butt, stonewashed mom jeans.

And that big ole' machine consumed gas like there was no tomorrow. Good thing fuel was under a dollar a gallon back then! (Yes, it was a while ago.)

You get the picture.  Although I was grateful to have access to any vehicle as a beginning driver, I could hardly wait to buy my own car.

But that big and clunky car taught me to parallel park like nobody’s business.

What did you drive, when you first took the wheel?

Adapted from public domain photo

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