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Mom's fondest memories aren't fair ... or are they?

This old family photo makes me laugh and nearly cry at the same time, as it makes fond memories bubble up in my mom-heart.

Sure, I’m proud of my kids these days, as they are growing up into real-life people. (Ask any parent, if you don’t understand the depth of meaning of that seemingly simplistic statement.) Sometimes I think they are even human.

But photos like this one take me back to those sweet days – when my kids enjoyed one another without fighting (much), when they were willing to wear adorable matching outfits, and when a mother-and-daughters trip to the State Fair was a summer highlight.

I miss those moments, when my kids sincerely believed that hanging out with Mom and each other was as cool as it gets – even on a hot summer day.

On the other hand, these days we are making genuine grown-up memories, which are tremendous.
LAN/Practically at Home photo
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