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Bad Poetry Day

Today is Bad Poetry Day, according to many holiday-oriented websites. What makes poetry good or bad? Who decides?

At any rate, poets of every flavor are invited to ply their wordsmithing crafts on August 18th, Bad Poetry Day.

Here’s a poetic invitation, which also appears at the Meme Express (with permission):

Bad Poetry Day

Today’s a day, not like the rest,
For verses need not pass the test.
Unmetered lines, we will accept
From poets skilled or quite inept.
A limerick or random word
On subjects deep or just absurd.
Write what you want; it’s all OK,
Bad Poetry we laud today.

c2008 by Linda Ann Nickerson
(for August 18th – Bad Poetry Day)

Why not try your hand at poetry today? After all, on August 18th, anyone and everyone can be a poet! If you post, be sure to visit Meme Express, and leave a comment with your link. That way, others can visit your blog and see what you have written.

Perhaps American poet Robert Frost, a beloved writer (1874 - 1963), said it best:

To be a poet is a condition, not a profession.”

Be sure to check out The Meme Express for daily blogging prompts. Try today’s prompt, or pick one from the archives. (Look for Pick-a-Prompt) in the right-hand sidebar for links to earlier prompts. See what starts your creative engine – for poetry, prose, photography or other postings.

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