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D Is for Donald

Posted for two prompts:
ABC Wednesday (“D”)
Meme Express (“Bambi” or “cartoon”)

D Is for Donald.

D is for Donald Duck, the daring and darlingly delinquent Disney delight. For those who remember, Donald Duck is The Donald that really counts.

Cartoon Quirks

The Meme Express posed these questions (in bold). My answers are in italics.

Do you remember the first time you saw the Bambi movie? Where did you see it? How old were you? Did you cry? I’m not sure exactly when I first saw this movie, but I know I was quite young. We went to the neighborhood cinema, where a Saturday matinee, a soda and a roll of butter-rum LifeSavers totaled $1.

Which character did you find most memorable? Why? I always liked Thumper, the rabbit. I think I liked his high-energy. Maybe I just liked the idea that Thumper seemed to have rhythm.

What is your favorite animated movie of all time? This is a tough call. I loved Lady and the Tramp, Peter Pan, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Beauty and the Beast. I liked Cinderella too, although it has always bothered me to see stepmothers get such a bad rap.

What did you like most about it? I always enjoyed the earliest animated movies, because they were mostly based on printed books with actual story lines. As a writer, I think plot is important, even in an animated film. Maybe it’s even more important in an animated film!

What is your least favorite one? Why? The newer Disney movies are my least favorites, as the political and philosophical agendas have become bolder and more blatant. Whatever happened to pure entertainment?

Who is your favorite cartoon character? Donald Duck, of course.

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  1. Of course--D is for Donald Duck.
    Surprising that you were the only one to think of that.
    Very clever.

    Bear((( )))

  2. My late husband could do a perfect Donald Duck and would talk to the kids in his "language." I never could understand him, but the kids sure did and loved every minute of the fun. :D

  3. A childhood favourite, infact so many of us would echo the same words I'm sure.

  4. Cute post. Donald is a great choice for this week :)

  5. Ah, Donald, Daisy and Disney....excellent choices for ABC Wednesday! Disneyland is only 20 minutes from my house....but I only get over there every 5 years or so. I think it's about time for another visit!



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