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Big Dogs or Little Dogs?

Camera Critters (photo/s)
Wordless Wednesday (photo/s)

Photo c2005 by RAH

That’s My Answer asks this canine question today:

Big Dogs or Little Dogs?

Big dogs have nothing to prove. Little dogs make a lot of noise, just to prove they matter.

Big dogs really ARE large and in charge. Little dogs try too hard!

Big dogs play with toys. Little dogs ARE the toys.

Big dogs eat shoes. Little dogs eat ground round.

Big dogs are happy. Little dogs are hyper.

Big dogs chew on bones. Little dogs bite ankles.

Big dogs are affectionate and loving. Little dogs are cranky and crabby.

Big dogs behave. Little dogs bounce.

Big dogs drink out of toilets and puddles. Little dogs drink from crystal bowls.

Big dogs are gentle. Little dogs are jealous.

Big dogs sleep on the bed. Little dogs have their own beds.

Big dogs protect their masters. Little dogs try to BE the master.

Big dogs are fun. Little dogs are fashion.

Big dogs are low-maintenance. Little dogs are spoiled rotten.

Big dogs groom themselves. Little dogs have personal beauticians.

Big dogs grow their own winter coats. Little dogs wear designer doggy styles.

Big dogs can catch frisbees in their mouths. Little dogs simply mouth off.

Big dogs are practically furniture. Little dogs are jumping beans.

Big dogs fetch balls. Little dogs bounce like balls.

Big dogs guard children. Little dogs attack them.

Any questions?

Just for fun, here's what happened when I took an online blog quiz about dogs. What results will you find, if you take it too?

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  1. That's one big dog for sure! Have a wonderful WW! :)

  2. I have both . The little dog rides on the big dogs back ahah

  3. I love them both...I go by which one that likes to snuggle most!



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