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F is for . . . Fashion

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‘F’ is for . . . Fashion

"Life is really simple,
but we insist on making it complicated."
Ancient Chinese Philosopher
(551 BC – 479 BC)

What’s so complicated about fashion? Not much, unless you happen to have teenagers in the house.

Not long ago, one of my daughters stayed home from school for a sick day. Around mid-morning, she suggested we weed through my own closet. In a weak moment, I agreed.

Together, we began sorting through jackets and jeans, shirts and skirts, blazers and belts and more.

“Mom, you really need to donate some of these dresses to the church drama department,” my teen daughter exclaimed. “They look like they belonged in biblical times.”


Perhaps this is an appropriate moment for confessing that I have actually worn those fancy frocks to company Christmas parties, holiday brunches and even weddings.

What’s the worst fashion faux-pas you have ever experienced? Are you willing to share your story in a comment here . . . or post your own blog, and leave a link here in a comment?

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  1. Hmm
    Fashion Faux-pas??
    That one I will have to think about.
    Fantastic idea for ABC Wednesday letter F.

    Bear((( )))

  2. Lots of fashion tips. I must admit, I'm not very fashionable. Living in a cabin leads to complacency I guess. Today my contribution is about a special farm that used to located near my town in Coastal BC. I invite you to come see. -- Margy

  3. Fall Fashions for the Feminine Figure. Hum, does that mean fat?!

  4. My life has been one big fashion faux-pas. I am a jeans and t-shirt kind of person--always have been--and I have no earthly idea how to put an outfit together. I have friends to do that for me when I need to "clean up."

    I always need help in the fashion department and, thankfully, I always have a friend or two to help me out.

  5. Sometimes it's so hard to let go! Keeping certain fashion items past their expiration/out-of-style date, trying to squeeze another season from them.

  6. There are so much fashion tips. I should concede, I'm not exceptionally elegant. I have no such story. If you need dress for christmas parties, holiday brunches and even weddings go boutiqueken



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