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K is for . . . Kitten

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Photos c2008 by Nickers and Ink

“K” is for . . . . Kitten

Our adopted barn kitten is growing into a real cat and leaving her kitten days behind her. Of course, after 10 pm, the kitten in her seems to come out. She tumbles and cavorts all over the house, usually just about when the rest of the clan begins to think about heading to bed. I suppose, if we cat-napped all day, we might feel like frolicking late at night.

Still, somehow, our kitten energizes everyone, and we find ourselves tumbling across the carpet with her.

And, as the nights grow cooler, I am finding the contents of my patio pots dwindling. Soon, the only flowers we see will be indoors, as winter approaches.

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  1. I posted a cat shot today too.
    Cute photos.

  2. The photo of the KITTIE snoozing is exactly how I feel at the moment.
    Great ABC Wednesday photo.

    Bear((( )))

  3. I just love your kitten! She looks adorable! She makes me want one! If only I could be assured she wouldn't be messy, I would go and get one this instant : ) Well, maybe not this exact instant since it is fast approaching midnight and I don't think pet stores are open this late, but you get my jist : ) right?

  4. All baby things are adorable ....kittens, puppies, even humans. If only we could grow young instead of growing old!

  5. I agree with rinkly.............all baby things are a hit!

    Thanks so much!

  6. Oh I love kittens! They never fail to give me a smile.

    My K is Karma do visit me here.

    Happy weekend!



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