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Favorite Fragrances

Favorite Fragrances

Does Each Woman Have Her Own Signature Scent?

Celebrities, fashion designers and others develop and market perfumes, from affordable and trendy to posh and pricey. Experts claim each scent will respond uniquely on each individual, producing an individual fragrance.

My favorite scent is probably Tresor by Lancome. This scent can be tricky to find, but the sweet and subtle blending of roses and other florals is quite special.

For every day use, I also like Lady Stetson. As a horse enthusiast, why not?

What’s Your Favorite Perfume?

Please participate in our blog poll, indicating your favorite scent of all. Leave a comment, if you will, letting us know what your best fragrance is and why you love it. What do you think your choice of perfume says about you?



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