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Three Terrific Things to Come

Three Terrific Things to Come

That’s My Answer, a daily meme, asks this question today:

What are three things that you are looking forward to?

Here are my answers:

1) Next week

My daughter has applied to college, and she hopes to receive an answer on admissions next week. The admissions committee at her first-choice college is scheduled to meet on Tuesday to review her application. I am looking forward to the answer, as is our whole family.

Who wants to agree with me in prayer for a good report? Thanks!

2) Spring break

Our school spring break begins with Good Friday and lasts a full week. (Actually, our spring break lasts nearly ten days, if you count the weekends that bookend the break.)

I am looking forward to a less hectic schedule, with the kids out of school for a week.

3) Easter

Easter is my all-time favorite day of the entire year. And why not? Easter is the day we celebrate the resurrection of the Lord. It’s the hallmark of our Christian faith. Without Easter, Christmas and every other day would mean nearly nothing. It’s all about the resurrection and the hope of eternal life.

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