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Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Fortunate - a Limerick Display for St. Patrick's Day

For what did St. Patrick stand? As glasses are raised on St. Patrick's Day, do we know why this holiday exists? "The Irish are lifting a glass, To cheer every lad and each lass, As the leprechaun jigs, In-between wishful swigs, May your joy be beyond all trespass...."

Check out this St. Patrick’s Day poem for holiday fun today.

Great Green Gala

Where can you paint the town green on St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago, the Windy City? Here’s a survey of Irish fun in the city of the green.

Leprechaun Come-On

Leprechauns, be warned. On St. Patrick's Day, we may all pretend to be a wee bit Irish, whether our bloodlines contain Emerald Isle origins or not. St. Patrick's Day offers everyone an excuse to claim Irish roots, at least until the party ends.

St. Patrick’s Day in School

Need a teacher’s guide to St. Patrick’s Day? Try these fun holiday ideas in the classroom, at home or at a St. Patrick’s Day party or gathering.Your little leprechauns will have a great green time.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Practically at Home.

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